Verity Group provides services and consults with law firm and corporate clients on all facets of the EDRM including Forensic analysis, data collection and processing, and solutions for hosting data. As a one-source provider for all EDRM services, Verity Group helps our clients benefit from cost-savings, improved communication and workflow, and enhanced synergies that come from providing bundled services.


Verity Group’s forensic experts help our clients to investigate, gather, preserve, recover, analyze and convert electronic data into comprehensible evidence to maximize its value and use in court. Electronic Digital Discovery is limited to organizing and retrieving information in a network that is visible. If data that supports your legal theory or defends against your opponent’s strategy has been deleted, Electronic Discovery can be rendered ineffective as an investigative tool. Computer forensic analysis, on the other hand, can locate, amass and categorize all the evidence which includes deleted files, unallocated space, slack space, hidden files, and encrypted files. Once all the evidence, both “visible” and “invisible,” has been identified, it can then be collected, processed and integrated into an Electronic Discovery review platform.

Our Verity Team is trained in Computer Forensic Analysis and, working with your legal team, can investigate the data residing in the organization’s network. One common scenario where digital forensics is very useful is when your attorneys wish to determine whether a former employee illegally copied then deleted confidential files to cover his tracks. Our forensic experts will investigate, determine what was deleted and when, construct a timeline of the activity and provide a report of findings to your legal team.


Proper collection of ESI from an organization’s computer system and other devices is arguably the most important step in the eDiscovery process. Careful preservation of a document’s metadata which may support your legal position or defend against your opponent’s is vital and must be handled by experienced trained technicians and forensic examiners using industry accepted collection tools. Verity collections experts and project managers will work with attorneys to outline all logistics and scope of the process including a list of custodians who most likely have data relevant to the litigation, the accessibility of the data and cost estimate to collect and preserve.

Verity Group utilizes licensed private investigators, forensic experts and proven software and technologies to perform data identification, preservation and collection for our clients. We are expert at collecting data from virtually any device. The head of our forensic group worked for years in Iraq with the US military securing data off 100’s of phones, laptops, social media and other devices from suspected terrorists.

Our forensic experts have extensive experience with  —

  • Remote collections across the US
  • Collections on virtually every type of device and operating system
  • Securing data off all types of mobile devices
  • Social media collections —  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…

We can conduct on-site collections and perform remote collections on devices anywhere in the United States and internationally.


Once your ESI population has been collected, the next step is to process the data for review. The manner in which you process this data is dependent on your overall goals, deadlines and budget considerations.

Our experienced team helps our clients formulate a processing strategy using defensible best practices.  The strategy considers not only budget and discovery deadlines but all facets of the case to ensure an efficient review with the most favorable outcome.

Verity Group has numerous software tools for processing data at our disposal which we can deploy based on specific client needs and the case at hand. We can provide end-to-end solutions that cover legal holds, collections, processing, hosting, managed review and production.