At Verity Group, at our core, we are a consulting company. We strive to start conversations and relationships with clients with questions, and with trying to gain the broadest and deepest understanding possible of our clients’ business, goals, legal situation, what works, what doesn’t and then how we might help out. Most of the different sections of this website speak to our core consulting focus.

Verity Group Consulting Services

Data Management/Information Governance/Legal Holds Consulting

Organizations of all sizes are finding themselves tasked with managing rapidly expanding data quantities and types. As knowledge management experts, the Verity Group is invaluable to entities struggling to control and manage data. We have the experience and knowledge to assess current data stores and provide advanced solutions that make data easy to search, store and work with. By offering both web-based and premise-based knowledge management systems, the Verity Group provides and supports the range of needs required by all organizations, both large and small. Because we focus on data and knowledge management, the Verity Group is uniquely positioned to assist with every phase of litigation readiness. We work with enterprises to determine what procedures make the most sense and apply technology when applicable to develop workflows and policies that are efficient, effective, defensible and repeatable.

Our knowledge management solutions can reduce administrative costs, enhance security and provide a unique and defensible answer to information management and storage challenges.

eDiscovery Workflow Consulting

We assess the current workflow processes and combine the right technology, processes and people to make e-Discovery more streamlined while developing policies and procedures to bring common-sense approaches to the entire e-Discovery project lifecycle.

The Verity Group specializes in collaborating with our clients not just to develop optimized e-Discovery processes, but to provide sustainable solutions. We can provide training for Discovery Professionals within your organization. Once we have consulted on efficient workflow, we will train your internal professionals to run those processes for maximum effectiveness.

Our experts have experience training other professionals in people and project management, software usage and optimization. If you need specialized internal e-Discovery help, we are always available to use our experience and vast network to recruit the right people with the right experience in discovery management and processes for your law firm.

eDiscovery Product/Platform Consulting

Verity Group is vendor and platform neutral. As such, we consult with clients on products that span the EDRM. We are not tied to one particular product or technology provider. We are free to help clients evaluate numerous product options and then work with them implementing the best ones for their specific situations.

Managed Review and Strategic Staffing Consulting

Verity Group consults with our corporate and law firm clients on all areas of managed review and strategic legal staffing  —  whether a company needs one attorney to help with contracts for a few weeks, or a law firm needs a team of attorneys to handle document review for several months, Verity Group can provide the right solutions.

We provide services nationwide and can provide services onsite, offsite at a fully managed facility or virtually remotely based on the clients needs.