eData Vault

eDataVault is the Verity Group’s proprietary solution for the secure storage, management and production of all your electronic media (hard drives, backup tapes, servers, etc). Born from extensive experience in handling large scale forensic collections and electronic discovery projects, eDataVault offers a low-cost environment for the physical Storage of your media, which can then be accessed to Search, Process and Produce information relevant to a lawsuit or litigation hold. Additionally, eDataVault will comply with your internal Data Destruction Policy and automatically purge any media (not under a current hold) when the relevant termination date is reached.

The Process:

  • Media is received and proper Chain of Custody Forms are completed.
  • Media is catalogued into eDataVault and physically stored in our secure vault.
  • Upon notice of possible litigation, client accesses eDataVault using a dedicated login and performs a search across catalogued media.
  • Client places a Hold on all relevant media and provides appropriate search criteria.
  • A Forensic Image of the media is made by one of our CCE (Certified Computer Examiners) and the forensic image copy is indexed.
  • Search terms are run against the indexed data and all results are extracted (if desired, results are fully de-duped and de-NISTed prior to extraction).
  • The extracted data is processed for either Native or Full Tiff review.
  • Processed data is produced in a format suitable for whatever review platform is being used, or alternatively can be hosted by Verity Group using one of our Online Review Tools.
  • Upon completion of review, images are provided for production.
  • Original media, and the image copy, are held until such time that the data destruction policy takes effect at which time both sources are destroyed (assuming media is not still under a legal hold).

The Benefits:

  • Secure storage of legally required media in an off-site facility; reducing internal clutter and confusion as well as the possibility of theft or misplacement.
  • All Chain of Custody is fully documented, and media is only in transit one time, regardless of the number of lawsuits for which that media needs to be produced.
  • Both Physical media and Catalogued Data are stored in secure, protected environments (see Security).
  • 24 hour secure, dedicated access to your media via any internet connection.
  • Easy search of all catalogued media for purposes of Litigation Holds and Productions.
  • All media is Forensically Imaged by a Certified Computer Examiner prior to searching and production, therefore the original integrity is never in question.
  • Collect Once, Produce Multiple Times – Unlike the traditional method of producing media for litigation which often requires Forensic Imaging and Indexing multiple times, your media is only Imaged and Indexed once, but can be searched and produced countless times.
  • Internal Legal and IT Departments are freed of managing the Data Destruction Policy for the media.
  • Since the formal Data Destruction Policy is being followed, there is no risk of having to produce data that wasn’t destroyed in the proper timeframe because of internal confusion or clutter.