Verity Group consults with clients on all of the various phases of the EDRM – from data management, information governance and legal holds through production and even traditional paper discovery.

We leverage our partnerships with leading technology and litigation services companies to provide our clients the complete range of EDRM products and services, with experienced attorneys, subject matter experts and certified project managers to back it up.

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Information Governance

Verity Group consults with our corporate and law firm clients on all of the various EDRM services starting from the far left side of the EDRM with Information Governance, Data Management, Legal Holds and Early Case Assessment and going all the way through production and actual trial support services.

Verity Group works with clients on  —

  • Best practices, policies and procedures for Information Governance and Data Management
  • Legal Hold policies and plans —
    • Consulting on initial plans/policies/procedures
    • Working with legal, HR and IT
    • Selecting the appropriate technology solutions
    • Technology/plan implementation, training and ongoing support

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Verity Group utilizes licensed private investigators, forensic experts and proven software and technologies to perform data identification, preservation and collection for our clients. The head of our forensic group actually worked for years in Iraq with the US military securing data off 100’s of phones, laptops, social media, etc… from suspected terrorists.

Verity Group consults with our clients on custom work flow solutions that cover Processing/Hosting and Production in addition to the earlier EDRM services and Managed Review. Verity Group also partners with numerous leading legal technology providers in order to provide our clients with best-in-class tools for all of these requirements. Verity Group is unique in the legal services marketplace because we take an “agnostic” approach to technology. We are not beholden to just one provider but rather can deploy multiple technology solutions to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

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Managed Review

Verity Group provides turn-key Managed Review Services (MRS) to corporate & law firm clients across the US. Verity’s MRS Team is led by licensed attorneys and certified project managers with 30+ years of experience litigating and managing complex eDiscovery document review projects.

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Project Management

Verity Group understands that we are only as good as the people we have working with us and the quality of service we can deliver to our clients. Our Project Management team are certified in numerous different products and platforms, and we operate a 3-shift, 24/7/365 operation.

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Traditional Discovery

Verity Group started out 20 years ago as the leading Chicago-based paper discovery company. Although we have transitioned to a true full-service eDiscovery company, we still maintain one of the largest traditional discovery practices in the business.

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Strategic Legal Staffing

Verity Group has the ability to provide a wide-range of attorney staffing solutions including in-house attorneys, fractional general counsels, staff attorneys, foreign language attorneys  —  you name it and we can source the right attorney for you.

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Consulting is really at the heart of everything we do at Verity Group. From learning about our clients’ businesses and goals and providing custom solutions, to consulting on best practices and best products/services, this is what we do.

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eData Vault

eData Vault is the Verity Group’s proprietary solution for the secure storage, management and production of all your electronic media (hard drives, backup tapes, servers, etc). Born from extensive experience in handling large scale forensic collections and electronic discovery projects, eDataVault offers a low-cost environment for the physical Storage of your media, which can then be accessed to Search, Process and Produce information relevant to a lawsuit or litigation hold. Additionally, eDataVault will comply with your internal Data Destruction Policy and automatically purge any media (not under a current hold) when the relevant termination date is reached.

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